Professional Organization of Exhibitions,
Fairs and Congresses

We understand the strategic value that each event represents for the client as an instrument transmission of knowledge, networking and resource generation.

To achieve the best results, we put at your disposal our extensive experience in the Organization of Congresses, Conventions, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Special Events and Shows.

Our Solutions include

General coordination and direction
Venue sourcing
Marketing and Communication
Technical Secretariat
Budget and financial management
Coordination of destination management services
Online registration
Web design and printing
Scientific Secretariat
Social program
Supplier Recruitment
Registration in situ
Technology solutions
Management of abstracts
Institutional Sponsorships
Corporate social responsibility

Management and Consultancy for Associations

We offer innovative solutions that raise the profile of associations.

We know that there are internal and external factors that influence on the decision-making: short and long term objectives, the mission of the organization, the maturation of the association, financial reserves, the allocated budget, the scope that It is intended, the development of the industry and its market, associative trends, all without losing sight of a particular political and economic environment.

We offer a complete management service or professional consultancy in a specific project, making available the experience of our directors and specialists in associations for the realization of their ideas, from strategy planning to implementation.

Our work areas cover
Meetings and Events

General coordination of events
Venue sourcing
Marketing, Communication and Promotion
Web Page
Registration in situ
Abstracts management
Social program
Strategic management
Online registration
Supplier Recruitment
Event applied technology

Meetings and Events

We design flexible, creative and inspiring solutions to make each event a unique experience. We work to ensure that all meetings and events achieve the objectives, inspire participants and generate memorable experiences.

Integrated organization
Creative consulting
Neuro marketing
Marketing Events
Team Building